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Tips For When Your Child Starts Kindergarten

Childcare Centre Toowoomba

The start of a new school year can be a daunting yet exciting time for both children and parents, especially when it's the very first transition into school life. It doesn't however, have to be difficult or scary! Here are some essential tips to help support your child and ease the nerves this first term.

One of the best and easiest tips is to always follow the kindergarten's instructions of what to bring to school, for example, a sun hat, water bottle, or spare clothes. By doing this, your child will feel confidence in that they are always prepared for the day ahead. By including your child in this step each day, it will also help them start to develop organisational skills and become accustomed to routine.

Another important tip is to always stay enthusiastic and positive! By maintaining a positive attitude when doing anything related to school it will help your child associate positivity with kindergarten. Always ensure that they will have an amazing day with their friends and are safe at school.

Once arrived at kindergarten, this may be where nerves start to kick in and this is where positivity and enthusiasm are essential. If the first few times are a little scary, allow your child your company for a while longer to help them settle in. If you are having trouble separating from your child, ask the educators for help as they will know what to do. Once it is time for you to leave, make sure you always say goodbye and remind them you will return in the afternoon. Leaving quietly can cause unwanted distress and mistrust.

Finally, to finish off a big day at kindy, always ask your child how their day was and what they did. This will remind them of all the fun activities they did and the new friends they made at kindy. After some more encouragement and patience, they will be eager to return in no time!


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