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The Best Activities for You and Your Kids this Christmas in Toowoomba

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As the end of the year grows nearer, parents are often left contemplating ways to entertain their energetic children during the Christmas school holidays. This year has seen many changes due to Covid-19, however, there are still plenty of fun and stimulating activities going ahead that have implemented the necessary precautions to protect your family these school holidays. Here are the best, Covid-Safe activities for you and your children this Christmas in Toowoomba.

1. Queen's Park, Toowoomba

Queen's park is an excellent location to pass some time these Christmas holidays, offering cost effective activities to keep your little ones entertained. Unfortunately, Queen's Park's Christmas Wonderland and Carols by candlelight 2020 has been cancelled this year in best interests of the safety of the wider Toowoomba community. Instead, the organisers may be planning a virtual wonderland experience, but updates are still to come. Here are the next best activities for your family this year at Queen's Park:

  1. Playground - Queen's park playground has a range of awesome play equipment to keep your kids entertained for hours! After a day out at Queen's Park playground, they are certain to be exhausted and ready for bed at the end of the day.

  2. Botanic Gardens - Queen's Park's botanic gardens are beautiful all year round, especially in Spring. They are the perfect location for a relaxing picnic with the family, and contain many beautiful sections for your kids to discover and explore.

2. Darling Downs Zoo

If you're looking for a day out, the Darling Downs Zoo is an excellent place to take the family these Christmas holidays. Located in Pilton, about 40 minutes away from Toowoomba, the Darling Downs Zoo has a large range of animals to view and many interactive activities, such as photo opportunities, kangaroo feeding and personal animal encounters. Whether you like viewing at a distance or prefer things a little more hands-on, there is something for everyone at the Darling Downs Zoo!

3. Highfields Pioneer Village

Just a short drive from Toowoomba, the Pioneer Village at Highfields offers an enriching experience that will leave the whole family feeling intrigued and enlightened. Take a step back in time with the multiple history museums and historical buildings, and if you're feeling peckish, try some authentic damper and billy tea! There are a wide range of historical attractions, such as the Village Silversmith, which combines modern and old school jewellery making techniques, or the Toyshop, which features handmade kinetic wooden pioneer toys. A day at the Pioneer Village will spark the curiosity of younger minds and educate the whole family about the history of our region.

4. Murphy's Creek Escape

Murphy's Creek Escape is the perfect place for a family getaway that will be packed full of fun and entertainment for everyone! Visit for a day, or camp for a few, there are plenty of adventure activities to fill your day with excitement. Start with, abseiling, flying fox, ropes course, or archery, follow up with a bike trail, a swim in the natural creek or a BBQ, your options are endless! After a trip to Murphy's Creek Escape these Christmas holidays, the whole family will be eager to return.

5. Toowoomba Eco Tours

Toowoomba Eco Tours provides tours within the greater Toowoomba Region that will help educate your children about historical and cultural points of interest, as well as the appreciation for local wildlife. These tours are family-friendly and allow you to sample some of the best local food and drinks, made from local produce. Toowoomba Eco Tours are a fun and engaging way to help your children learn more about their home region.


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