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Our Philosophy


We will foster each child’s learning and development to allow inclusiveness for all children and provide them with an opportunity to explore experiences in their world.  Children will be encouraged to explore and discover a respect for both our natural and built environments while developing a passion for learning.   



Our Educators create a play-based environment through the children’s interests so that they are able to discover and learn in an environment that allows them to feel safe.  We create experiences and attempt to draw discoveries from children through open ended questions.  Children are able to discover a world of possibilities when they play.


It is our goal to ensure that children are encouraged to follow their dreams.  We support each child to become independent and confident while developing their identity and creating their dreams. Our Educators understand that children learn in many different ways, through social interactions, creative experiences and activities that challenge their mind and body.  Learning experiences will provide children with opportunities to grow into healthy and confident individuals while teaching children that dreams can become reality.



As Educators, we understand that children learn and develop at different paces and in different ways.  By offering a play-based curriculum to foster growth and development, children will have an opportunity to express and create their individuality.  With learning tailored to their interests they are able to become immersed in the experiences offered.  They begin to understand that interactions with other children both spontaneously and planned help them to extend their learning in positive and social ways.


We believe strong, respectful relationships between families and educators allow children to grow, learn and develop. We believe in the value of learning as professionals and in order to plan, implement and evaluate a high quality educational program. Educators must be committed to ongoing professional development and critical reflection which in turn provides richer learning opportunities for each child. Teaching children to believe in themselves, their ideas and their dreams enables them to achieve amazing heights.

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