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The Benefits of Healthy Meals at Childcare

Childcare Toowoomba

Great nutrition is one of the most essential aspects of nurturing a childs development. Just like a car needs petrol, children need plenty of fuel to keep their brains running throughout the day. An action packed day of learning at child care can be quite tiring for a small child. That's why healthy, substantial meals are the perfect fuel to keep them energised and happy all day long.

The two main areas that are scientifically proven to benefit from a full, nutritious meal at breakfast and lunch are learning and behaviour.

Learning Benefits:

  • Improved Cognitive Functions - such as, conceptualisation, short-term memory and abstract reasoning skills

  • Concentration - childrens' attention span and ability to focus increases

  • Higher Test Scores

Behavioural Benefits:

  • Improved Mood - hungry children tend to be angrier and more irritable. They also cannot socialize well.

  • Better Classroom Behavior - children have shown to cause fewer class disruptions and get along better with classmates when they have been eating properly.

  • Increased energy and willingness to complete tasks and activities.

At Mothercraft Childcare Centre, we have a qualified chef onsite to craft the best possible, nutritious and substantial meals for your little ones that they are sure to love!


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