Our Rooms

At Mothercraft, we have four spacious rooms and an amazing outdoor area specifically designed with the developmental needs of children.


Joey Room

Our Joey room caters for Babies 6 weeks to 18 months of age.  It is a spacious room which holds up to 8 children per day.  It has its own kitchen area where educators are able to prepare bottles and the children's  meals for the day.  We have a sound proof sleep area with temperature controlled air conditioning which contains 8 cots.  Our enclosed outdoor play area complete with sandpit, obstacle course equipment and outdoor toys means fun times for everyone.  Our indoor space has fans and air conditioning and plenty of floor space and toys for every child to explore and learn. The children also attend music lessons each week.


Wombat Room

Our Wombat room caters for children 12 months to 2 years of age.  It is a lovely open planned room complete with its own enclosed outdoor play area which contains a sandpit and lots of outdoor play toys and equipment for children to explore.  This wonderful room caters for up to 12 children each day.  It is fully air conditioned and is complete with a nappy change and toileting area. The children also attend music lessons each week.


Butterfly Room

Our Butterfly room caters for children 2 to 3 years of age.  It is a lovely spacious room complete with toileting and nappy change areas and a stage for children to use at sleep and rest times. The room and sleeping area are fully conditioned.  It has high ceilings which allows for a light and airy play space where children are surrounded by their own art work and creations made each day. It is fantastically resourced with open ended resources and recycled equipment for children to enjoy and let their imaginations run wild. This room caters for up to 25 children. Ginger sports, music lessons and science experiments are also undertaken each week.

Possum Room


Our Possum room caters for children aged 3 to 5 years of age.  It has a huge indoor learning area set up with many active learning stations where children are able to engage in small and extended learning experiences. This large learning space is fully air-conditioned and caters for up to 27 children each day.  This room employs a fully qualified Teacher each day to deliver a Kindergarten program where children prepare for prep in a play-based enriched learning environment. This learning space is very well equipped with many educational aids. This room also has a focus on technologies with children having access to iPad, computers and an interactive TV for educational purposes throughout each day. The kindergarten Program also includes Ginger sports, music lessons, dance lessons and science experiments each week.


Vacancies and Tours

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