Meet Our Director.


Hello, I am Richel Booth and I am the Nominated Supervisor for Mothercraft Childcare Centre.  I have worked in the sector for over 14 years and hold an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services. 

My belief in early education aligns with Friedrich Froebel, the founder of Kindergarten, who believed that children need a nurturing and play-based approach to education and care. 

As a mother of three, I also understand the necessity to feel comfortable with the educators and the environment which is why I choose to work at Mothercraft.  I feel that a partnership needs to be made with the families in order to support their needs at our service.  Our team works together to provide each child with an environment that is inclusive and stimulating.

The best part of my job is seeing the children grow and develop as they come in each day forming friendships and learning about life.