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Our History

Three unknown young nurses established Toowoomba Mothercraft Association in 1942.  The Toowoomba Association was developed in conjunction with Lady Cilento the founding member of the Mothercraft Association Queensland Branch.


The first Centre was in an upstairs area of the National Bank, Russell Street.  The centre was used to enable mothers to leave their children while visiting their husbands - returned WW 2 soldiers in Army hospitals. On the 4th February 1954 Lady Lavarack, wife of the then Governor of Queensland, officially opened the centre, known as the Dr Price Memorial Centre.  Mothercraft Day Nursery was to follow and it opened its doors on the 6th February 1956.  The Association had two staff and many volunteers who assisted with caring for the children, and providing ‘mothercraft activities,’ to adults.


The Building of the Mothercraft Childcare Centre at its current location.

At the opening ceremony in 1956, it was claimed to be the best-equipped child minding centre in Australia.  Throughout the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s Mothercraft maintained its role in the Toowoomba community providing occasional care for young children.

As community needs changed, with many more women maintaining positions in the workforce after having children, Mothercraft Child Care Centre altered its services and during the late 1980’s Mothercraft began to provide long day care.  The Centre adapted to meet with government legislative and regulatory requirements. Whilst at times difficult, Toowoomba Mothercraft Association has continued to operate and maintain the respect of the ‘Mothercraft Association’ Banner and continues the tradition of providing nurturing care for children. 


Past students at Mothercraft.

The Toowoomba Mothercraft Association and Mothercraft Child Care Centre is the last remaining and still operating Mothercraft organisation.During its years of operation, the centre has cared for many thousands of Toowoomba’s children.  Many current parents and staff attended Mothercraft as children or have family members who attended the centre for other Mothercraft activities. With much dedication and community spirit modern parents are still contributing to the history of and the maintenance of Mothercraft principles of care and encouragement for the growth of children.

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