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4 Benefits of Childcare, Toowoomba

Childcare Toowoomba

1. Childcare provides a fun, play-based learning environment.

Play-based learning is universally recognised as the most efficient method for fostering a child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. By learning to create, hypothesise and problem solve in this engaging environment, children stay active and imaginatively interact with people, objects and their environment, while learning important literacy, numeracy, and social skills which help ease the transition into kindergarten. Play-based learning supports your child’s imagination and curiosity from a young age, which is the key to raising a generation of creative problem-solvers.

2. Childcare establishes beneficial social skills with peers and adults.

Attending childcare gives children an opportunity to develop social skills from a young age. By interacting with their peers, they learn how to get along with other children and gain confidence in a group setting. This environment helps children develop essential social skills like sharing, taking turns, problem solving and listening to others. These skills are then used to form friendships which help shape their sense of identity as they grow older. It is also valuable for children to interact with adults other than family members, as they can act as a mentor and provide extra positive guidance, as well as discourage negative interactions within the learning environment.

3. Childcare creates a daily schedule, which familiarises your child with routine.

Young children find a sense of security in daily routines. When they know what to expect each day, they are more likely to remain calm and be willing to complete daily activities. By having scheduled times for playing, eating, and napping, children get into good sleeping habits, and learn to cooperate and follow instructions. Routines are also an excellent way to teach children healthy habits, such as washing hands, brushing teeth and sun safety.

4. Childcare builds the necessary foundations for a smooth transition into kindergarten.

The transition into kindergarten can be a difficult time for both parents and children, therefore preparation is essential to making this change as easy as possible. Childcare provides the opportunity for children to acquire useful and important abilities, such as separation from parents, making friends, participating in activities, problem solving, following instructions, and routine, just to name a few. These skills allow your child to feel more confident and prepared when adapting to their new learning environment, which simultaneously sets a strong foundation for the remainder of their education.


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